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Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan or two in strategic areas of the home can actually reduce a family’s energy bills in both the summer and the winter. This is why ceiling fan installation is a popular home improvement project for many people here in Eastern Pennsylvania, especially with our hot, humid summers.
Ceiling Fan Installation projects are relatively easy to complete by a do-it-yourselfer, however, its always wise to use a certified licensed electrician to ensure the job is done correctly and safely and to avoid voiding the warranty of the fan.  We install both interior AND exterior (for outside porches and covered patios) ceiling fans.  We can also install wall mounted fans and exterior misting fans.

GB Electrical can help with all of your ceiling fan installation needs.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment today

Exhaust Fan Installation (Kitchen or Bathroom)

Exhaust fans are an essential part of kitchens and bathrooms as they regulate temperature, moisture and odor levels within enclosed spaces by pulling indoor air to the outside. Until the mid-20th century, bathrooms with windows were not required to have exhaust fans installed, so there are still many homes in the Lehigh Valley area where owners must use the window to regulate the moisture level in the bathroom, which may not work very well or comfortably, depending on the weather outside.

Exhaust fan installation can be even more involved than ceiling fan installation because it involves the duct work going from the inside to the outside, and often involves drywall repair after the replacement or installation.  SO, it’s more important than ever to hire a certified, licensed electrician

Lighted Bathroom Exhaust Fan installation in Allentown PA
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Why you should hire an electrician

As simple as these two jobs may seem on the surface, the wiring and electrical load within the home can cause problems. In fact, national statistics estimate that nearly 6,000 people die, while 100,000 are injured from electrical accidents and electrical fires in the home, many of which occur when inexperienced homeowners try to install electrical fixtures into their home without proper training. Calling in the experienced electricians at GB Electric to help with an exhaust or ceiling fan installation is always the safe, smart choice.

GB Electric can install ceiling fans and exhaust fans and provide you with insight on how best to use them and best location for installation.  Give us a call today for a free consultation

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Jesenia Peralta
September 30, 2022.
Gabriel is our go to for all our electrical needs. I highly recommend him.
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September 29, 2022.
Gabe is fantastic! Made himself available very quickly and solved our problem! We plan to use him for more repairs and remodeling!
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September 17, 2022.
Very high-quality services and very fare and reasonable prices. What I deeply appreciated the most is the pride of the craftsmanship Gabriel takes in his work! There's no cutting corners with him 👌🏼. I surly recommend his electrical services to all I come across with a good conscience knowing he's going to do and perform great professional work and give an honest reasonable price 👍🏼.
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September 3, 2022.
Gabriel was great. He was always on time, responsive and professional. We had him install ceiling fans, install lights, new outlets…. If we could give more than 5 stars we would. Highly recommend him
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August 29, 2022.
Gabriel did excellent work with replacing the service lead wire. He was professional and quick. We will definitely reach out in the near future for further projects that we need done. Gives us peace of mind!!
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August 17, 2022.
I appreciate GB electric. He has done a lot of good work on my house which I recently purchased. He’s responsive and knowledgeable.
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August 9, 2022.
came very quickly, made sure he took all steps to figure out problem and did thank you
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August 9, 2022.
Flexible , reasonable price, profesional , I would recommend this business to a family member or a friend!
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August 8, 2022.
Gaberial was very professional and prompt.He kept in touch with me as far as his timing to come fix the problem. He answered all my questions and explained everything to me. I’ll definitely use him again and I recommend GB Electric to service your home. Pricing was steep, ( being on a fix budget) but, fair considering what could’ve happened if the outlet wasn’t replaced. Being an electrician is a serious must needed job. Keeping you and your home safe. So, I couldn’t let the price scare me from taking care of that problem. I’m very satisfied with this company. He’s coming back to replace three more for me as well. Thank you Gaberial!
Abigail Miller
August 8, 2022.
Gabriel was very professional, communicative and respectful of the appointment time. Gabriel was also able to accommodate the extra light replacement, which I greatly appreciated. I don't know what prices are for these types of interventions, so I can't comment on that aspect.