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Recessed Lighting – Tips for Choosing The Best LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is easily one of the most practical and functional additions you can make to your home or commercial building. Recessed lighting — often referred to as downlighting or can lighting — is designed to sit flush with your surface (usually a ceiling). These versatile lights work in practically any room. LED recessed lighting is the most common form of architectural lighting found today, and one of the fastest ways to update an existing space.

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Electrical Trends for Lehigh Valley Homes

Technology is constantly shaping the electrical industry, creating innovative solutions to help us rethink how we consume energy and how new technology can help make our lives easier. However, keeping up with this industry-changing technology can be difficult as more and more innovations hit the market. Well, the geeky, dorky electrician in me has identified some of the biggest trends of the electrical industry for our Lehigh Valley homeowners and businesses.

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After reading about a recent situation where children and staff were sickened at a local, Allentown day-care center by CO poisoning, I thought it might be a good time to write about some of the hazards that are more prevalent in the winter months and ways you can keep your families and employees safe.

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