Electrical Panel Replacement & Repairs

Residential & Commercial Circuit Breaker Panel Service in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the Greater Lehigh Valley Area

Electrical Panels, sometimes referred to as a Breaker box or distribution panel, are considered the central nervous system of your home’s electricity.  Any and all electrical connections-from the lighting and entertainment system in your family room, to the HVAC System that keeps your home comfortable, to your appliances like your washer/dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher, can all be controlled from the master switch, located on your breaker panel.  It is, perhaps, the most vital system in your home.

GB Electric is a leading electrician in the Allentown area who specializes in Electrical Panel & Breaker replacement and troubleshooting/repair. They have been helping homeowners since 2002 with all of their electrical needs, from simple jobs like replacing a faulty breaker to more complex electrical projects like installing new electric service to a basement, home office or addition.  Our techs are fully trained, are uniformed and courteous to all of our valued customers.


Breaker Panel Services

Breaker Panels have come a long way since the 1900’s.  Prior to 1930, 30-Amp service was the norm in most houses.  Houses that were built in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were typical built with a 60 Amp Panel, which was better than earlier standards, but still low compared to modern standards.  Then, in the mid 60’s, the circuit breaker panel came onto the scene, introducing home to a 100-amp service.  In the 80’s, 200 amp became more common to accommodate the growing electrical demand of the various equipment in the home.   Nowadays, many homes are built with 300, 400 and even 600 Amp services with multiple electric panels to accommodate the demand of our electric and electronic heavy lives. 

In terms of cost of replacing or upgrading your electrical panel, the difference in cost between a 100 amp and 200 amp panel is slight because the labor cost is usually about the same, so it would probably make sense to go with a 200 amp panel.

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Breaker Panel Replacement

New homes in the Lehigh Valley are built to handle 200 Amps, however, many older homes can’t. GB Electric’s experienced electricians can provide sound advice, service, repair or replacement of your electrical panel, circuit breakers or wiring.

If your home is over 30 years old, your electrical panel could be underpowered to handle the needs of your home.  This is very important because more stuff creates higher electrical demand and can create dangerous conditions like fires or electrical shocks if not addressed.  

If your notice any of the following signs, give us a call immediately:

  • Flickering, blinking, or dimming lights
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Warm or discolored wall plates
  • Cracking, sizzling, or buzzing from receptacles
  • Burning odor coming from receptacles or wall switches
  • Mild shock or tingle from appliances, receptacles, or switches

Check out this informative checklist of warning signs of underpowered homes from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI).

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Your circuit breaker protects your home from electrical surges. When it is not functioning properly, you risk losing power and/or causing harm to your home and family. Either way, you need to know that your circuit breakers are working as they should, and GB Electric is here to help.

Some signs that you need circuit breaker repair include:

  • Flickering of lights – If you have problems with lights flickering in specific parts of your house, it could be due to your circuit breaker.
  • Buzzing breaker – If the breaker panel is buzzing, you have a problem with the circuit breaker that needs to be addressed quickly.
  • Constantly tripping breaker – If your breaker trips regularly, it’s likely due to a problem with the circuit breaker, such as an overloaded circuit.
  • Breaker won’t reset – If your breaker trips and will not reset, give us a call. This is a sign of a problem with the circuit breaker itself.
  • The circuit breaker is too hot – If your circuit breaker is getting hot to the touch, you need to get it looked at professionally immediately as this can be a fire hazard.

Our residential electric contractors are highly skilled at helping Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton area homeowners with remodeling projects that may involve replacing or adding new circuit breakers or electrical panels.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your electrical needs.

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Whole home surge protection Easton pa

Installing “Whole-House” surge protection

Think about all of the electronics and appliances in your home and the dollar value of your investment in them.  Washers/Dryers, refrigerators, laptops, PC’s Big Screen TV’s, data backup devices and external disk drives. 

“Whole-house” surge protection can safeguard not only the appliances and devices plugged in around the house, but it can actually protect the house from catching fire due to a sudden power surge. Our Allentown residential electricians specialize in making sure that a whole house surge protection installation is safe, effective and lasts for years to come.

Outdoor Electrical Service

Sometimes, when homes have an inconvenient location for a breaker panel, they are place outside the home.  GB Electrical in Allentown PA can handle all of your homes exterior electrical service from exterior breaker panels to junction boxes, low voltage wiring for landscape lighting, exterior outlets, Swimming Pool & shed wiring. Power lines connecting the power grid to your house, also known as a service drop or distribution lines, can become detached during storms or due to general wear and tear.  Stay away from these lines and even the ground around them as electrocution is possible.  GB Electric can get your exterior power lines reattached quickly and safely.

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What Our Customers Are Saying!

Nick Noll & Kate Evans
May 3, 2023.
GB Electric tackled a large rewiring project for me at a reasonable price that fit my budget. They also scheduled the project around my work schedule, rather than me having to accommodate their schedule, which was amazing to start. Gabriel and his colleague were polite, friendly, punctual, knowledgeable, and professional. They included me in the process by having me test certain outlets and light switches to show me they were working. Also, they discovered a small, unexpected separate issue that was not part of the original job, but they fixed it without increasing the cost. I absolutely recommend GB Electric for anyone in need of electrical services. They provide the highest quality of service at a price that’s affordable.
Kay Colombo
April 26, 2023.
We had Gabriel here to install a ceiling fan in our family room, new front porch light and solar lights on our deck. He did a great job! Very professional, courteous and does a great job. We highly recommend him.
Jon-Gabriel Valestin
April 24, 2023.
I've used GB Electric before for a fan installation, he was timely and knowledgeable. I hired him again for multiple rooms for electrical fixtures to be installed this time. Again he was timely and knowledgeable. It was a total of 4 fixtures. He completed it all same day and that was with a minor bump in the installation due to a bracket that needed to be replaced. He was great with my young blue nose pit-bull and respectful to my home. GB electrics can be busy so my recommendation is to be patient, and it helps if you have an idea of what you want done so he can assist faster and efficiently.
Brendan Ruane (CallMeCarny)
March 24, 2023.
Gabriel was fast, courteous, professional and always on time which is important to me because I have a busy schedule. I have a house that was built in 1870 so some of the wiring and fixtures were very old and he was very knowledgeable on how to work with that and get everything I needed replaced and working properly and up to code. I highly recommend him.
February 20, 2023.
I had a really good experience working with GB Electric. Gabriel was professional, responsive and offered a very reasonable price to install my dining room chandelier. He completed the job in a timely manner and the installation came out great. I highly recommend him and will continue to use his services for future electrical work. -Barry
Joey Torres
February 14, 2023.
GB is an outstanding company,always go above and beyond the expectations to fulfill our needs as a customer. Coming to do an installation on his day off was amazing 🤩 Always treat us like Family!!! Thx Gabe!!!
Jim Banks
February 7, 2023.
I had some issues with a dedicated circuit breaker for my dishwasher - at least so I thought. Turns out my issue was with my voltage detector. Regardless, Gabriel came out within a day after my call, confirmed my faulty breaker was not faulty at all. He didn't charge this weekend warrior for a service call. So while he was out, he provided me a very reasonable estimate on some additional kitchen recessed lighting and above-island pendant lighting. Highly recommend GB Electric!! Very honest, up-front, no-pressure service.
Laurie Breisch
February 6, 2023.
I just wanted to say how please I am with GB electric. He came to my house and gave a very reasonable estimate for some services that needed attending to. We have some very old ceiling fans and lights that we were not able to use because they were so old. he gave us an estimate and we set up an appointment within a week. He came in and was very knowledgeable. He had the lighting fixtures and the ceiling fans hooked up within a few hours. He also ran new electrical molding for an inaccessible fans. Can I just say how nice it is to have light again! He also installed an outside electrical outlet when we didn’t have one. He installed electrical conduit from the panel to outside of our concrete wall to the new electrical outlet. He did very clean, exceptional work and extremely friendly. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to have him hook up our security system we just got lol.