Ceiling Fans – 5 Tips To Help You Choose

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Ahhh, Summer is here again in the Lehigh Valley region of PA.  Weather is getting warmer and the cool feeling of the fan at night helps with a good night’s sleep.  A ceiling fan serves as more than just an ordinary appliance; it also makes a design statement. Typically situated in prominent areas of the home such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or patio, a ceiling fan becomes a focal point, making its style a crucial consideration.

Here are five essential factors to keep in mind when shopping for ceiling fans:

1. Diverse Design Options

Gone are the days of simple paddle fans. Modern ceiling fans offer an astonishing array of styles, finishes, and colors. From island-themed designs with palm frond blades to sleek contemporary options and intricately ornate models, you can explore a wide selection at your local lighting store.

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2. Energy Efficiency All Year Round

Look for fully-featured fans equipped with remote or wall-mounted controls. The circulating air creates a perceived temperature drop of about seven degrees, allowing you to set your thermostat higher during the summer. By reversing the blade motion in the winter, warm air can be pulled down from the ceiling, reducing heating costs. Fans with new energy-efficient motors consume only one-third of the energy compared to typical fan motors, while moving a greater volume of air. Ask a ceiling fan expert about DC energy-efficient motors, down rods, and fan sizes suitable for your room and ceiling height.

3. Test It Out Before Buying

Manufacturers are now required to provide CFM (cubic feet per minute) and energy efficiency data, making it easier to compare fan performance. Larger or high-ceiling rooms require more CFMs than a 12×12 bedroom, for instance. Local lighting stores have a range of operational ceiling fans designed for various functions. Consult the experts at your nearby lighting store for further information.

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4. Special Fan Options

For outdoor use, consider damp or wet-rated fans. Specifically designed ceiling fans carry UL ratings for high humidity (damp-rated) or outdoor (wet-rated) areas. Installing a non-rated ceiling fan in a damp or wet location can shorten its lifespan, causing blades to warp and sag. Extreme moisture and temperatures can also have detrimental effects. Inquire about UL Ratings for Damp and Wet-Rated ceiling fans at your local lighting store.

5. Lifetime Guarantees

Purchase from a dealer who stands behind their products. Most reputable ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty for the motor, while blades, controls, and light kits typically have warranties of 1 or 2 years. Keep in mind that fan manufacturers offer a range of products at different price points. A $400 fan will have a higher-performance motor compared to a $100 fan. Cheaper fans may feature particleboard blades and thinner housing materials, whereas mid- to high-end fans will boast cast motor housings, solid wood blades, and more advanced control systems. Before making a purchase, inquire about return policies and warranties

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Remember that a ceiling fan serves as both a style statement and an appliance. Ensure that you consider quality, style, and performance as essential factors in your decision-making process. Choose wisely, and you will enjoy a positive ceiling fan experience for years to come.

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