DIY Electrical Projects vs. Hiring a Professional: What You Need to Consider

DIY projects are a crowd favorite among homeowners looking to spruce up their spaces on a budget or even just to flex their creative muscles. That being said, there are some DIY projects that you should carefully consider before you dive right in, especially if it involves electrical currents. But how do you know if a DIY electrical project is for you or if you should outsource your needs to a professional? Let’s take a look at some considerations that will help you make the right choice so that you don’t compromise your safety or well-being to brighten up your home.

DIY Electrical Projects: Which Are Safe for Me to Tackle on My Own?

Unless you’re an electrician with years of experience handling various projects around peoples’ homes, there are going to be gaps in your knowledge that will make it hard to tackle DIY projects safely. Even if something seems like it might be easy or the person recommending the project has laid it out in easy-to-follow steps, there’s always room for error that could put you or your home at risk. 


With the above in mind, there may be some DIY electrical projects that most homeowners can do well. At the simplest, this might include changing out lightbulbs, installing new things like LED lighting strips or switches and switch covers, or even DIYing your lighting fixtures or installing something easy like a ceiling fan. These types of projects are generally easy to do, are relatively low-risk, and can be done fairly safely with a little bit of online support on your side.


Always take the time to carefully research what you want to do, and be honest with yourself about whether or not you have the capabilities or feel safe doing it. If you don’t, leave it to the experts.

Which Projects Should I Reach Out to Trained Electricians for?

So, you have a better idea of what type of projects you might be able to tackle on your own. But when should you reach out to Quakertown electricians for support? Broadly speaking, you’ll want to ask for help anytime your envisioned DIY project starts looking more complicated than any of the tasks listed above. 

More specifically, some examples of DIY projects that you shouldn’t be tackling yourself include installing circuits, making any changes to wiring or replacing wiring, trying to fix outlets that are currently broken, or even trying to replace or repair circuit breakers. These types of DIY projects are quite complex and require specialized experience to ensure that the job is done right.

The most obvious risk is the risk of injury should you be in contact with any exposed wires that have an electrical current running through them. If you’re lucky enough to avoid this, you’re not necessarily out of the clear yet. You could still be engaging in code violations or installing something incorrectly in such a way that it could lead to a fire within your property. 

Put simply, pursuing DIY projects to save a few bucks does not pay off when the electrical work that you’re doing could put you or your property in harm’s way. Always get the help of an expert if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

Get Your Project Done Safely and Effectively With GB Electric

When it comes time to enlist the help of an electrical contractor for your Allentown lighting project, you might be wondering, which company can you trust? Here at GB Electric, we specialize in wiring systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, and electrical panel upgrades. Operating since 2002, we’ve been serving homeowners just like you and helping them get the results they expect safely and quickly. Contact us today to schedule service or get started on your project!

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