Safety First: Childproofing Your Home’s Electrical Outlets and Wiring

Raising and caring for young children can be an absolute joy and an addition to your life and home. While there are plenty of reasons to love raising your kids, there are always unique risks that kids face that may be hard to predict. One risk that exists in your home is the risk that a child could make a mistake or risky decision regarding your home’s electrical system. While outlets, wires, and cables can create natural hazards, there are tips you can follow to help childproof your home and make it a safer place to live.

Install Outlet Covers

One of the risks that come with a home electrical system is open outlets, which a young child may see and want to play with. You can easily solve this issue by installing child-proof outlet covers over all open outlets in the home. These do not add much inconvenience and will be easy to install. This will close off any outlet holes and will ensure that a young child is not able to use them.

Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Another option you have to make your home safe is to install tamper-resistant outlets. These are growing in popularity with parents and property owners across the country. These outlets will require a certain type of pressure balance when plugging something into an outlet. If an object is going into only one of the outlet holes, it will not work. This can provide an added safety measure for kids.

Change Outlet Placement

When you are trying to improve the safety of your home, you can also do so by changing and working on the outlet placement. One way to change the placement of outlets is by simply putting couches and other large pieces of furniture in front of them. You could also consider raising them on the walls of your home, which is management for any local electrician. When calling a residential or commercial electrician in Lehigh Valley, residents will receive the support they need to properly change the location of their outlets.

Cord and Wire Management

It is also important to be careful with any wires or cords in your home. While it is hard to keep your home completely clear of any wires or cords, there are ways you can improve the situation. Any loose cords should be properly gathered and safely tied down. You can also consider using shorter cords to create less slack or even running some behind the wall. This will create fewer options for a young child to pull on and can also prevent various trip hazards. Ultimately, it will improve the overall safety of your property.

Electrical Safety Talks

As soon as your child can understand, it is important that you have electrical safety talks with your kids. You should explain what electricity is and how it powers the home, but also how it poses a hazard if not managed properly. Giving some tips and guidance on how to manage electrical outlets, wires, and other systems in your home could be the education your child needs to make smarter and safer decisions moving forward.

It is very important that you make your home as safe as possible and following these tips can help you do so. When looking for a licensed electrician in Whitehall, give us a call. When you do contact us, we can discuss your needs and give an overview of the various services we can provide. You can even schedule an in-home consultation and visit to start the process of making your home a safer place for all to live.

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