The Impact of Outdoor Lighting on Property Value and Curb Appeal

Shine the spotlight on your home with outdoor lighting. Well-planned outdoor lighting enhances the look of your home, adds a layer of safety, and increases your overall property value. Whether you are a new homeowner and want to make improvements, or a long-time homeowner and looking for ways to extend your living space outside, adding outdoor lighting is the perfect solution. GB Electric offers outdoor lighting in Allentown, PA, and the surrounding areas to enhance your curb appeal and increase your property value.

Front Yard Lighting For First Impressions

Strategic light fixtures installed in the front yard, entryway, and porch will transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. For example, beautiful light fixtures light up the front door and porch, pathway lights will guide guests safely to the door, and spotlights will beautify your home’s facade. Adding layers of lighting creates a welcoming, safe aesthetic, and increases the perceived value of your property. Real estate experts always recommend outdoor lighting at a home’s entrance as a feature that will increase your home’s marketability and selling price.

Driveway and Garage Lighting Increases Safety

If your driveway and garage are to the side of your home’s entrance, this is another area that will benefit from outdoor lighting. A well-lit driveway improves visibility, reduces accidents, and improves curb appeal. Attractive post lights along the driveway, floodlights on timers to illuminate the entire area, and light fixtures that flank the garage door will work together to beautify and increase safety.

Backyard, Patio and Deck Spaces

If you have a backyard with a deck, patio, or pool, beautiful lighting creates a cozy inviting atmosphere for evening enjoyment and entertainment. It is also very appealing to potential buyers in the event you put your home on the market. String lights, wall-mounted lanterns, in-ground lighting, and spotlights will all work together for drama and effect. They are also functional for helping guests who are not familiar with your property to safely find their way in the dark. Consider energy-efficient smart lighting as a modern option.

Garden, Landscaping and Architectural Features

Showcasing attractive features throughout your property is easy and effective with light. Trees, paths, gates, pergolas, sculptures, stairways, fountains, water features, and other architectural elements create enchanting and eye-catching visuals. Use a combination of downlighting and uplighting to add texture and depth to a garden, add colored lighting to accent a pool or patio, and weave string lights around a tree or through decking for subtle ambiance. The ideas are endless.

Safety and Security Elements

The safety of your family is a top priority and outdoor lighting is an important solution. Proper outdoor lighting not only looks attractive and improves your property value, but will keep potential intruders out. Motion sensor lighting, lighting that is scheduled, and floodlights installed strategically throughout your property will provide peace of mind.

Strategic Outdoor Lighting is A Win, Win

Outdoor lighting provides multiple solutions for your home and property. Yes, it improves curb appeal and looks beautiful, increases your property value, and improves safety and security.

GB Electric Is Here To Help You Light Things Up

GB Electric is your electrical contractor in Fogelsville, PA, and the surrounding area. Our team has illuminated homes and businesses of the Lehigh Valley since 2002. We are passionate about providing you with all your electrical needs including outdoor lighting that will enhance your curb appeal, keep your home safe, and increase your property value. Ask us about energy-efficient smart lighting. We do that, too. Contact us today.

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