The Role of Electrical Safety Inspections in Commercial Establishments

If you own or manage a commercial establishment, you’re responsible for the safety of employees, customers, vendors, and guests. Reliable electricity is paramount for any property, but you can’t operate your business if the lights go off or the HVAC system isn’t working. Aside from just being inconvenient, electrical malfunctions pose a significant fire hazard.

How can you avoid injuries and property damage due to electrical problems? Schedule a safety inspection with an Allentown commercial electrician at GB Electric. Our knowledgeable team has put together this guide on commercial electrical safety inspections to help you understand what’s at stake.

How Residential and Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections Differ

The main difference between residential and commercial electrical work is the size and scale of the projects. Residential electricians rewire homes and install new outlets and residential electrical panels. Commercial electricians perform some of the same tasks on a larger scale. For instance, if you need to rewire an entire office building, you’ll need a master electrician who understands NEC and municipal regulations and standards.

The same reasoning applies to electrical safety inspections. Whereas residential electricians deal with voltage between 120 volts and 240 volts, commercial electricians typically deal with voltages exceeding 240 volts. The design, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems are also much more complex for commercial buildings than single-family dwellings. So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t hire a residential electrician without the experience and credentials to conduct a commercial electrical safety inspection.

Why Choose a Commercial Electrician?

Our commercial electricians review all components of your electrical system, including panels and subpanels, wires, outlets, hard-wired sensors, and more. During an inspection, we’ll note any components you need to replace or upgrade to meet local and national standards. A commercial safety inspection also includes a review of all components, such as frayed or exposed wiring, that may pose a hazard.

Types of Safety Inspections

There are three main types of commercial safety inspections:

  • Circuit Breakers: We test all isolators, Residual Current Devices, circuit breakers, and other safety equipment in the building. If we find improperly maintained or mislabeled components, our team can remedy the situation to bring you back up to code.
  • Protective Conductor Test: During this test, we check the functionality of protective conductors within the circuit. That includes checking for proper connectivity.
  • Polarity Testing: Our commercial electrician will measure the polarity of the distribution board, supply box, and outlets. Using a multi-tester or a continuity tester, we can find any issues with your building’s power supply.

Why Should You Schedule Regular Electrical Safety Inspections?

By scheduling annual safety inspections of your electrical system, you help ensure that the wiring, boxes, and other components are in working order. Safety inspections identify issues that may lead to shocks, fires, or poorly performing electronics and appliances. Work with our commercial electricians to set up your annual inspection appointments.

What Happens During an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Our qualified, licensed electrician will address any potential hazards and provide a quote for the work needed to fix them. During the inspection, we check your electrical panels and subpanels, ensuring they adhere to all applicable codes. As part of our commitment to our clients, our team stays on top of changes to regulations and standards that impact commercial buildings.

During an inspection, we review the following:

  • Panel boxes and subpanel boxes
  • Wiring and outlets
  • GFCI and other safety features
  • Wiring methods
  • Number of conduit bends
  • Presence of corrosion/corrosion protection

Contact a Local Commercial Electrician

GB Electric is proud to serve commercial building managers and owners throughout Allentown and surrounding communities. When you partner with us for commercial safety inspections, we check that all breakers are the right size, the panel box has a main breaker, and that your system has proper grounding, among other things. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your electrical needs!

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